Please, check my social media (twitter mainly) for news and/or flash special offers
I'm still on Hiatus but taking very limited slots.

if you have inquiries feel free to contact me.
Please, consider that I use Slots to not overload myself with work.
Sometimes I'll be able to be done with everything in

February SLOT 1 : taken
February SLOT 2 : taken
march SLOT 1: available
march SLOT 2: available
april SLOT : available
May SLOT : available
 June SLOT : available
 JUly SLOT : available
August slot: Available
less time than I expect so I may open more slots in this case.
Please, if you want something by me and the slots are all taken by somebody else, please, feel free to write me anyway. I'll keep you informed when the next slot will be available for you.
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Available: 0

SLOT 1: ///

///  SLOTS
Available: 0

SLOT 1: ///

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