▲ What won’t you draw?
I will not absolutely work with:
porn (artistic nude is okay)
complex Machines
anything of dubious content**
**racism, inappropriate interactions between characters especially if there's a great age-gap between them (no adults with minors), incest, etc...
▲ What are you comfortable with?
I don’t have any problem with:
humanoid characters
furry / anthro*
animals, dragons, monsters, creatures, etc.
fantasy settings
natural landscapes
medieval and fantasy armors and outfits
*please, before asking me to draw or paint your furry character, take a look at my portfolio.
All my anthros are drawn with realistic (feral) features, no matter the kind of creature you’re asking for.

▲ Client's Rights
(What you can do with your commission)
Repost it on your social medias as long as you ask for my permission first and credit me on the post (a tag or link to one of my social medias are required.)
Ask me to wait a specific amount of time before posting it on social medias (in case it's a surprise for someone else)
Print it for personal use.
Use it online or offline for personal use.
Make a profit out of it
Sell it to a third party
Make merchandise (no redbubble, etsy, society6, etc.)
Refuse to credit me
Modify it without my consent OR outside personal use.
Re-sell the artworks as NFTs or through blockchains.
Use the picture to train an AI generator or add it to a dataset

▲ Artist's Rights
(What I can do with your commission)
Post it on my social media Sites
Modify it for personal use
Make a profit out of it IF it's a fanart not featuring characters you own.
Make a profit out of it if it contains original content you own.
Sell it to a third party if it contains original content you own.
▲ Guild Wars 2 Fanarts
Since I'm a Creative Partner for ArenaNet, all the fanarts about GW2, even when including your original characters, will be considered sponsored material.
▲ Payments
All payments will be done through PayPal and they'll be done in EUR
I'll ask for the full payment once I'll be done with the initial studies and we'll have an approved one. I won't work on the final illustration until I've been paid.
Payment plans can be offered and discussed for payments above 200EUR.
All payments will be done only through Paypal invoices
How do they work?
I'll need to know your paypal email and I'll send you the invoice myself.
Please, NEVER send me the payment without my invoice, those are written in a way that can protect both you and I from eventual problems.

Tips aren't necessary but very appreciated!
▲ Refunds
If for any reason I have to cancel your commission and you've already paid for it you'll be refunded in 1-5 working days.
You can ask for a refund ONLY if I haven't sent your completed commission according to the scheduled time without a warning.
Once the payment is done and I start working on your commission you won't be able to back off.
You will be able to receive a partial refund and the uncompleted image OR no refund at all but the complete picture.
In any case, before asking for a refund or starting a dispute against me on Paypal, PLEASE, contact me. This way we'll be able get everything sorted out without issues for both parties.

By paying me you're also accepting the TOS
▲ Edits & Extra
During the initial studies of your illustration all edits will be free of charge.
The initial studies are the moment we work together to establish the best concept for the final artwork.
Please, be specific in your feedback because after this phase edits may be charged.

During the realization of the final images:
minor edits won't be charged
major edits will be charged between the 5% and 20% of the original estimated price depending on the complexity of the edit.
(es: one big edit on a 100€ rendered illustration will cost you 5-20€)

▲ Minor edits:
correction of anatomical or design mistakes, minor color adjustments, little details, etc.
▲ Major edits:
Change of pose, change of outfits and designs, replacing one element with a new one, etc.
▲ Time Frame
Each commission can take from 1 week to 2 months to be completed, depending on its complexity and my available time.
Once I know what kind of work you need you'll be inserted in my schedule. I'll let you know when I'll be able to start and the extimated time frame I'll need to complete your artwork via email.
The time you'll take to reply to my e-mail won't be counted in the extimated timeframe I'll need to work.
The counting starts after I've got your answer and stops when I send you main Work-in-progress previews for approval.

In any case you'll receive updates about your artwork status at least once a week.
If you won't hear anything from me after more than a week, please, contact me.
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