I'm DIESVITAE, my real name is Aurora Scaioni and I am an illustrator and concept artist based in Italy.
While I sometimes enjoy working with traditional medias, I'm specialized in the digital arts, with Adobe Photoshop as my main tool.
My works are focused on fantasy art, comics, monsters, mythology, esoterism and nature.
I have a deep love and interest for birds of prey, owls, falconry, ethology, psychology, anthropology and the ancient history of Europe and the Mediterranean zone.

Ongoing | self-taught artist
2016 | Fantasy Illustration Workshop by Antonio De Luca at Genius Academy in Rome
2017 - 2018 | Videogame Concept Art at Event Horizon School in Milan
2019 | Space and Light - Environment Illustration Workshop by Roman Kuteynikov and Antonio de Luca At Genius Academy in Rome.

2016 - 2018 | Background and Asset Artist on Mo The Frog by Primesoft Games
2017 - 2018 | Lead Artist on Quest Luminis by Mad Code Team - A Videogame Project for Event Horizon School
Ongoing | Freelance Illustrator for:
2018 - present | Various Private Clients
December 2019 | Book Covers for Archimede Books
Collaborations & Projects
2016| Gamers For Good Undertale Charity Book
2019 | Beyond The Veil - A Solas Charity Zine
2019| Echoes of Thunder - The Dragon Prince's Art Anthology by Alchemist Art Group
2019 | Tyrian Gazette - A Guild Wars 2 Fan book sponsored by ArenaNet and organized by the Guild Wars 2 Art Collective and Alchemist Art Group
2019 | Tales of Grotesque - A Horror Zine published by Terra Incognita
2020 | De Natura Deorum - Mythology Charity Artbook
2021 Something Wicked - A Carnage Fan Book
2022 | Designed some Profile Pictures for Guild Wars 2 Forums for ArenaNet LCC
February 2020 - Present | ArenaNet Creative Partner Program
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